Web Site Performance Test
Below, you can conduct a real-time Instant Test for an individual Web page to test its performance from an external node location.

Test will display object level detail for:

  • DNS Lookup Time: The time it takes for the browser to turn the text-based hostname (www.dynatrace.com) into an IP address (

  • Connection Time: The time that it takes to connect to a web server across a network.

  • First Byte: The interval between the time at which a request is made from a Web server and the time at which the first byte of data requested is received.

  • Content Download: The time required to download the content of the root object (base HTML file) if the test is configured as a non-component test, or the time needed to download the root object and all of the supported component objects if the test is configured as a component test.

  • Redirect Time: The amount of time between the time that notification to redirect is received until the object to which the browser is redirected is fully received. If there are no redirections, redirection time is zero.

  • all page objects of your selected URL

Please enter a valid URL (be sure to disable pop-up blocking)
Note: the maximum allowed page size is 1 Megabyte
URL:    Please enter a valid URL
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HTTP Trace Route
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